Copywriting Bootcamp FAQ

Answers to Most Often Asked Questions …

Q. What if I haven’t finished AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting yet? Can I still come to Bootcamp?

A. Absolutely! There’s no reason you need to put off coming to Bootcamp for a whole year just because you haven’t finished the Accelerated Program yet. It will still be waiting for you when you get home from Bootcamp. But the experience you’ll get just from being in the same room as the presenters, experts, and fellow copywriters — veterans and newbies alike — will be invaluable.

You’ll hear some of the highest-paid, most respected copywriters working today talk about the cutting-edge techniques they’re using right now to earn millions of dollars for their clients — and hundreds of thousands (if not more) for themselves.

While the Accelerated Program will give you the most thorough foundation in copywriting and persuasion you’ll ever find — which is why we recommend all our members complete it — you’ll get information and new ideas at Bootcamp that you can’t find anywhere else.

And there’s no duplicating the atmosphere at Bootcamp …

When you walk into the Marriott Lobby, a rush of energy sweeps over you.

But it’s more than just excitement…

It’s the feeling of being on the verge of changing your life for the better.

It’s the anticipation of the unknown.

There’s something about being around hundreds of other people who understand your excitement, your dreams, and your fears…

And who truly want to see you succeed as much as they want success for themselves.

There’s something about the supportive atmosphere that’s contagious.

It’s the sudden realization that everything you’ve read about … all the stories you’ve read and voices you’ve heard on the phone or webinars … all of it is real.

Who knows? At any minute, your first client could walk around the corner, see your nametag, and take you to lunch to talk shop.

Or maybe you sit next to Paul Hollingshead or Mark Ford during the opening sessions, and they impart some golden nugget of wisdom that changes the course of your career forever.

It’s Bootcamp — anything is possible!

But… you have to be there to find out.

Q. But what if I’ve never had a client before? Am I ready to put myself in front of marketers?

A. Sure — Job Fair is an ideal place to land your first client!

And here are a few tips and tricks to help you feel more at ease about attending Job Fair:

  • Commit to moving forward before BootcampWhatever you’d really like to accomplish before Bootcamp … commit to making that happen now. If you’re worried about telling people you haven’t finished the Accelerated Program yet, you still have a few months to work your way through it.Or if you really want to have business cards to hand out to all the people you meet, commit to designing and printing them ahead of time.The truth is, there are no prerequisites to attend Bootcamp. But if there’s a particular action step that will make you feel much more comfortable, then commit to it now.
  • Commit to doing a spec assignment You have the opportunity to apply to as many “jobs” as you want with a process unique to copywriting — spec assignments.Specs are sample writing projects supplied by marketers who want to see who can come up with new ideas and then put those ideas into clear, well-written sales copy.Even if you think you may not be ready yet, pick at least one spec assignment and submit it for Bootcamp. There’s no telling what can happen if you do. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and win a paid writing assignment with a valuable client.And even if you don’t win, you still might make a connection with a marketer. Those connections often lead to paid projects down the road.And if nothing else, you’ll have the experience of completing a project on deadline and submitting it. There’s nothing like the excitement and butterflies you’ll feel the first time you press “send” and put your writing out there for a professional to see.
  • Commit to engaging with your fellow attendeesWhatever you do, don’t waste the opportunity in front of you at Bootcamp. The room is filled with nearly 500 people, including at least a hundred committed to helping you further your writing career.Before, during, and after the sessions each day, you’ll have the chance to meet and talk with people who have been living the writer’s life for decades.You’ll get to meet many of the AWAI folks you hear from week in and week out — Katie Yeakle, Rebecca Matter, Sandy Franks, Will Newman, and Pam Foster, to name a few.But you’ll also have a chance to meet the biggest names in copywriting.People like Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, Carline Anglade-Cole, Paul Hollingshead, and John Forde.And get to know your fellow members. They’re the best lifeline you’ll ever have if you hit a stumbling block and need some help or motivation from someone who’s in the same boat as you.

Q. Will I get anything extra when I sign up for Bootcamp?

A. There are TONS more bonuses coming your way, like …

  • The Bootcamp Success Stories Series. Once you register, you’ll hear from recently-successful AWAI members who seized the Bootcamp opportunity and ran with it.Each of them became successful quickly and now are working, well-paid copywriters in demand in their particular niche. In these exclusive videos, you’ll hear people like Guillermo Rubio and Julie Hassett give you their best tips and how-to’s for making the most of your time at Bootcamp… and much more!
  • The Bootcamp Buzz newsletter. Every month, AWAI’s Director of Copywriting Training, Pam Foster will be popping into your email inbox with updates about the speaker lineup, agenda, hotels and travel info, new Spec Assignments, and new companies that are coming to Job Fair.

You’ll also get the Bootcamp Bonus Reports Pack, which includes valuable kick-starter bonus reports:

  • A Brief Intro to Spec Assignments — discover all the insider’s info you need to know about completing spec assignments quickly and professionally …
  • The 7 Daily Habits of Successful Copywriters — put these habits into place today, and you’ll have a surefire route to faster success …
  • Niche Marketing: The Proven Method for Making More Money — get a bird’s-eye view of the most in-demand niche markets …


This year, AWAI is repeating their popular niche breakfasts at Bootcamp, but with a big new twist. Lori Haller, Denise Ford, and Pam Foster will be giving you extra niche help before, during, and after the event with the following opportunities. (Sign up for Bootcamp today so you can take advantage of all these events!)

  •  3 FREE Pre-Bootcamp Niche Webinars
    Before you arrive at Bootcamp, you’ll be able to participate in online webinars in July, August, and September to learn:

    •  What a niche is, and some of today’s hottest niche industries
    •  How other copywriters arrived at their niches, and what it’s meant to them
    •  How to identify a great niche industry for you
  •  Bootcamp Breakfasts
    Each morning at Bootcamp, you can join Pam, Lori, and some special guests for breakfast and get a taste of what it’s like to work in a niche industry. You’ll have a chance to ask anything about choosing a niche, plus you’ll meet copywriters who made the leap in a variety of industries.
  •  “Everybody’s Niche-able” Evening Session
    On Thursday evening during Bootcamp, you can join Pam for a live, interactive niche challenge. She’ll invite people who are stuck — who just can’t decide on a good niche or who feel they don’t qualify for any niche — and together everyone will help shine a light on this decision for them. It’s sure to be a lively session that may just create a “niche epiphany” for you.
  •  After Bootcamp
    You’ll have the opportunity to reconvene for a follow-up webinar to make sure you’re on your way to immersing yourself in the niche of your choice and connecting with prospective clients. This will give you a chance to ask anything after you’ve absorbed all the other niche activities, gone back home, and possibly come up with one or two more questions before deciding on your choice.

With all of these special niche activities before, during, and after Bootcamp, Pam and the AWAI team will help you discover your personal passions … and help you turn those into a profitable niche that you love!

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