Earn Back Your Bootcamp Registration Fee

Yes, you heard right …

When you sign up for Bootcamp, you’re automatically eligible to participate in AWAI’s Bootcamp Spec Challenges. Here’s how it works …

You’ll get access to real, live AWAI spec assignments … products we need fresh copy for. Your challenge: Write a winning headline and lead. You’ll get all the details when you register … including your deadline (very important).

If your submission is selected, you’ll receive a $1,000 check on the spot at Bootcamp and will be invited to participate in one of our regularly scheduled Peer Reviews. If, after the Peer Review, we decide to test your copy, you’ll get another check to complete the letter.

Wait – it gets even better …

Then there’s royalties. If you land the control, you’ll get those too!

But you ’ve got to sign up for Bootcamp to take part.

The AWAI Bootcamp Copywriting Spec Challenge is open only to 2017 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair attendees …

2016 Spec Challenge Winners

Stephen Knox with Rebecca matter and Katie YeakleStephen Knox

Faye Walker with Rebecca Matter and Katie YeakleFaye Walker

Candace Lazar with Rebecca Matter and Katie YeakleCandace Lazar

Jeremy Rasmussen with Rebecca Matter and Katie YeakleJeremy Rasmussen

Marc Schmedthorst Rebecca Matter and Katie YeakleMarc Schmedthorst

Racehl Kraft with Rebecca matter and Katie YeakleRachel Kraft

Meet Past Spec Challenge Winners…

2015 Spec Challenge Winners

Li Vasquez-Noone

Spec Challenge Winner Li Vasquez-Noone

“This was my 5th Bootcamp, umpteen specs submitted over the years, and my first win. A combination of continual study and practice to improve my writing, finding a good idea, and putting in the hard work of writing the specs. It finally came together! Stick with it, it’ll happen.”

– Li Vasquez-Noone

Jerry Bowling

Spec Challenge Winner Jerry Bowling

“I kind of felt humbled among 400 other participants at Bootcamp who wanted to win just as much as I did. I almost didn’t believe it even after seeing my headline projected up on the screen … it took a moment for me to realize what had just happened. Thank you AWAI … I feel honored, encouraged, thankful, and ready to go forward and do even better.”

– Jerry Bowling

Paul Hanson

Spec Challenge Winner Paul Hanson

“Taking action and writing the spec in the first place. Having a clear understanding of the mission of Wealthy Web Writer [the program he wrote about] so the headline and lead could reflect the correct values and information.”

– Paul Hanson

Sherry Caldwell

Spec Challenge Winner Sherry Caldwell

“The people I have connected with, along the way – my ‘informal mentors’ network (even if they didn’t know it) – have been invaluable in answering all my weird questions, and provided encouragement, reassurance, and support. It was so exciting to meet all of them in-person at Bootcamp!”

– Sherri Caldwell

Pauline London

Spec Challenge Winner Pauline London

“I wasn’t travelling halfway around the world for nothing. I needed to step up and submit the specs assignments. I also credit AWAI for my win. I have been copywriting for a few years now and the way I have learned was like when you learn to drive from your parents. You pick up a few bad habits. Whereas, AWAI is like going to a driving school. My copy skills are more polished now. I would never have had the confidence to submit any spec assignments without their training.”

– Pauline London

2014 Spec Challenge Winners

2014 Spec Challenge Winners

2013 Spec Challenge Winners

2013 Spec Challenge Winners Montage

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