Meet This All-Star Lineup Of Copywriting Greats...
Only at Bootcamp!

2019 Bootcamp Presenters

Get ready for three incredible days flooded with fantastic “real world” copywriting techniques from today’s top working copywriters. This powerhouse lineup of experts will help you speed through the learning curve presenting the core writing techniques and arm you with the confidence you need to start and grow your freelance copywriting career.

*More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks and months.


Jon Morrow


Ann Handley

Bob Bly

Nick Usborne

Heather Robson

Brian Kurtz

Ilise Benun

Henry Bingaman

David Deutsch

Dan Kennedy

Ted Capshaw

Marcella Allison

Lori Haller

Joshua Boswell

Gordon Graham

John Forde

Patrick Bove

Mindy McHorse

Pam Foster

Richard Armstrong


Yanik Silver

Katie Yeakle

Rebecca Matter

Turn Your Copywriting Dreams Into Reality In Just Three Days

Three Days of Hard Work and Networking Fun… A Lifelong Impact