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Palm Beach County Convention Center
West Palm Beach, Florida
October 24 – 26, 2023

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We hear you!

Now, no matter your location or life situation, you can still get access to all the new techniques, new secrets, new insights, and new strategies you need for success in 2023 and beyond…

For more than 26 years, AWAI has gathered the greatest minds in copywriting and the biggest names in direct marketing together for an annual event like no other…

It’s where connections are made, careers are launched, and life-changing breakthroughs happen right and left.

No wonder it sells out, year after year after year.

And this year is no different…

Our in-person event, hosted at the beautiful West Palm Beach Convention Center, is officially sold out.

Now the only hope for getting an in-person seat is to ask to be placed on the waitlist for a cancellation.

But we’ve had so many requests from people who told us they couldn’t travel to West Palm Beach this year.

So, we’ve decided to create a special live-streamed, virtual option to make it possible for you to attend Bootcamp October 24th – 26th from the comfort of your own home.

THIS is your opportunity to have access to the unique Bootcamp experience…

To network, build connections, and make friends in the writing world…

And, of course, to learn directly from the very best in the business about what’s working right now…

The Writing World Is Changing Fast.

Bootcamp Helps You Get Ahead and
Seize the Best Opportunities…

Demand for copywriters is soaring… now more than ever… as companies spend record amounts of money on marketing.

Last year alone, $567 billion (that’s BILLION) was poured into digital marketing.

This year, that number is expected to reach $626 billion… and to continue to grow in the months ahead…

If you’re a copywriter — or you aspire to be one — this is too big an opportunity to ignore.

Plus, things are evolving fast…

  • AI is bringing speed and productivity.
  • Audits and strategy for copy and content are increasing your earning power as a writer.
  • And shifts in howcompanies are using channels like social media and content marketing are creating brand-new opportunities for writers.

Bootcamp gives you the insights and skills you need to launch or grow your copywriting business. You’ll come inside the world of copywriting and walk away prepared to reach new levels of success…

All in a matter of DAYS!

You’ll learn…

  • NEW Techniques
  • NEW Secrets
  • NEW Insights
  • NEW Strategies

What’s actually working NOW!

And, to help you meet the demand and thrive in today’s market, we’ve invited some of the biggest and most successful copywriters, marketers, and industry influencers. Bootcamp is…

A Veritable “Who’s Who” of Copywriting

Only at AWAI’s Bootcamp will you experience
3 ACTION-PACKED DAYS learning real-world copywriting skills and
marketing techniques from today’s leading experts

This powerhouse lineup features some of the most accomplished writers and marketers in their fields…

All of whom promise to leave nothing on the table, when it comes to sharing their deepest insights into what’s working (NOW) — what you need to know (NOW) — how to adapt to this economic climate (NOW) — and what you should be doing (NOW) to rocket your business forward.

Things are moving fast, and we’ve got all the experts who are on top of it all.

This Year At Bootcamp You’ll Meet …

Ann Handley
Donald Miller
Ann Handley
Mari Smith
Ann Handley
Terri Trespicio
Ann Handley
Russ Henneberry
Ann Handley
Brian Clark
Ann Handley
Marcella Allison
Ann Handley
Nick Usborne
Ann Handley
Steve Slaunwhite
Ann Handley
Michael Ford
Ann Handley
Heather Robson
Ann Handley
Ilise Benun
Ann Handley
Lisa Mullis
Ann Handley
Guillermo Rubio
Ted Capshaw
Ann Handley
Sandy Franks

As a Virtual Attendee, You Get Access to All the Live Sessions — Plus More!

For three days, each of these experts will be sharing insights, tactics, and advice you just won’t hear anywhere else.

From the opening keynote from The New York Times best-selling author and renowned business consultant Donald Miller, all the way through our final session on unlocking freelance clients for life with the award-winning B2B writer Steve Slaunwhite… Bootcamp promises to fill your brain with powerful knowledge you can put to work in your career immediately.

And, as a virtual attendee, you have access to every word in real time (plus on-demand recordings of every live session to review and rewatch at your leisure).

But, that’s not all…

Your live-stream experience is hosted and curated by AWAI Bootcamp Success Rebekah Mays, a European-based B2B writer, and Pam Foster, AWAI’s own Learning Chief.

With support from on-the-ground AWAI team members, they’ll make sure you know what to focus on and how to get the most out of each session.

Each morning, you’ll have the chance to join them for an exclusively online “warm up” event, previewing the day’s speakers and highly anticipated presentations.

Throughout the day, they’ll help you process each presentation, so you can get questions answered and truly plug into the Bootcamp vibe.

And each evening, before you break for the night, you’ll have the chance to join an exclusive online event to recap, review, and celebrate all the insights and breakthroughs of the day.

In-person attendees won’t have these special extra sessions … or the exclusive “in between” session chats and Q&A moments we’re arranging just for the virtual cohort.

And, that’s not all…

Your virtual access to Bootcamp also includes FULL ACCESS to our follow-up event, AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Clients experience.

It’s happening entirely online November 7th, 8th, and 9th — and your virtual Bootcamp ticket guarantees you a front-row seat!

The Online Client Event
Devoted to Getting YOU Paid

We know attending Bootcamp fills you with knowledge, skills, and the confidence to go out and land great clients.

So, the natural next step, of course, is to help you connect with clients ready to hire writers now.

That’s what the FastTrack to Copywriting Clients event is all about.

In specially curated and hosted roundtable sessions, marketers hungry for talent will share what they’re looking for in writers…

The projects they need written most… the right way to apply for jobs and assignments… how to work with clients once you’re hired… ways to conduct yourself like a pro… and more.

Then, behind the scenes, you’ll participate in expert-led sessions that will help address your roadblocks and how to smash through them, and how to connect with clients who need you and your talents.

We’ll even help you put together a simple but effective self-marketing plan that lets you reach out like a pro to companies you want to write for — even if you’ve never written or don’t have samples.

So, you’ll meet marketers and copy chiefs looking to hire writers…

And be able to step up to the opportunity with the tools, the knowledge, and a proven process for reaching out to clients like a professional

Helping you quickly land your first client… level up with a fresh client… find full-time employment as a writer… and more!

Register Today for Your
Virtual Bootcamp All-Access Pass

  • Full online access to AWAI’s Copywriting Success Bootcamp — October 24–26, 2023
  • Full online access to FastTrack to Copywriting Clientsthe exclusive post-Bootcamp event November 7, 8, & 9.
  • World-class speakers to learn from, who will share their writing secrets and insights
  • Complete recordings of BOTH events, available to rewatch on demand
  • Handouts and worksheets, so you can take notes and follow along
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with industry experts and new writer friends via the online community

Who Should Attend?

AWAI’s Bootcamp is where writers of all ages, backgrounds, experience levels, industries, and niches come to hear the latest writing secrets from top experts… learn up-to-the-minute industry trends… discover the hottest writing opportunities… and make lifelong connections with marketers and insiders who can impact their careers.

If you’re new to the industry…

… it’s your chance to connect with important players and industry influencers… learn the basics and broaden your writing skills… explore lucrative writing niches… and see, firsthand, the sheer scope and vastness of this exciting opportunity before you.

If you’re an aspiring writer…

… Bootcamp is where you’ll deepen your understanding of the writing process… learn new skills… start building your success network… make invaluable contacts… and connect with copywriters who were once in your shoes, happy to help you lay down your own path to success.

If you’re already writing…

… learn the latest in what’s working NOW in our industry… expand your professional network… get to meet and network with A-level copywriters… get a deeper understanding of the higher-paying projects… and more.

More Six-Figure Copywriting Careers Are Launched At AWAI’s Bootcamp… Than At Any Other Time, Place Or Event in the Industry!

Bootcamp was a single investment that has paid me back more than 33 times what I spent on it! I went from a laid-off corporate worker bee to a freelancer with a set-my-own-hours income of $60,000… in one year.
Starr Daubenmire
Bootcamp was a defining moment for me. I won a spec [Copy Challenge] and that client sent me to another AWAI event where I met my second client. Everything just cascaded from there. Quite literally the first spec assignment I did has directly led to every contract since.
Jon Stoltzfus
I've been home from the AWAI Copywriter's Bootcamp for four days and I just got hired to create copy for a rather unexpected client. Even though a warning shot was fired before today, it still caught me by surprise.

Wow. Just wow.

So, here we go… 🙂

Chuck Warren
Now I know — and have experienced — why my mentor highly recommended attending Bootcamp to me.

The energy, the learnings, the tribe, the love, the success stories… Wow... Just WOW!!!

Before AWAI, making $5000 in a year sounded impossible to me. But after joining AWAI, I made $5,000 in less than three months.

Lynelle Suan
“Since attending Bootcamp, I’ve secured 45,000 (AUD) in writing gigs, and AWAI was the sole reason it happened.”
Max Latimer

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