What is Bootcamp &
Job Fair?

For copywriters, there’s nothing anywhere like AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp & Job Fair.

Part conference, part “family reunion” it’s where everyone comes to hear the latest writing secrets and techniques from top experts… mingle, and share a drink with fellow copywriters and A-level experts… meet the marketers who can have a dramatic impact on your career… and rekindle friendships that help make copywriting the best job in the world!

If you’re a copywriter – or aspire to be one – Bootcamp is your total immersion into our exciting and lucrative world.

Who Should Come?

AWAI’s Bootcamp & Job Fair has something .

If you’re new to the industry…

… it’s your chance to meet important players and industry influencers… learn the basics and broaden your writing skills… explore lucrative writing niches… and see, first hand, the sheer scope and vastness of this exciting opportunity before you.

If you’re an aspiring writer…

… Bootcamp is where you’ll deepen your understanding of the writing process… learn new skills…. start building your success network… make invaluable contacts… and talk to copywriters who were once in your shoes, who’ll be happy to help you lay down your own path to success.

If you’re already writing…

… come to learn the latest in what’s working NOW in our industry… expand your professional network… get to meet A-level clients… land higher-paying projects … and more.

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What’ll Happen When Once You’re Here

You'll Learn …

The direct marketing industry changes FAST. And what marketers need from copywriters changes FAST as well. Not only is Bootcamp the place to brush up on core writing skills every year – it’s the best way to know what’s working NOW, in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing direct marketing environment.

You'll Meet …

After 22 years, Bootcamp has become the place for A-list writers, industry influencers, copy chiefs and marketers to meet. This is where friendships and important professional contacts are made and grow over time: “copy buddies” you can bounce ideas off of… working writers you can turn to for advice and direction… even keep in touch with marketers eager to see how your writing is progressing.

You'll Network …

Dozens of companies send their marketers, publishers, copy chiefs to Bootcamp each year for one reason: to meet you! They know – if you’re at Bootcamp – you’re SERIOUS about copywriting. And in an industry where copywriters are king – just one meeting can rocket your success like nothing else.

You'll Be Inspired …

Until you’ve experienced a FastTrack Bootcamp, there’s no way to know just how massive… fun… lucrative… and in-demand copywriting really is.

Coming to Bootcamp opens your eyes to all of it: the dozens of niches you can write for… the massive demand for new writers… the money you can make as a writer… and all the people and resources available to you when you’re ready to be successful.

It’s like having your very own 400-person support team – and you can’t help but go home excited, confident and inspired!    

You'll Have a Blast

What’s a gathering of 400 kindred souls without some fun! Whether it’s AWAI co-founder Paul Hollingshead buying you a drink at the bar… Thursday night’s Dance Party (complete with LIVE band…) or meeting fellow attendees for dinner at any one of Delray Beach’s famed Atlantic Avenue eateries – you’ll be making memories you’ll never forget!  



Something for Every Writer, Every Niche

Have a niche in mind and want to take your writing to the next level?

Or maybe you’re one of the many Bootcamp attendees still looking for the writing niche that best suits you.

Either way, Bootcamp will help you.

Whether it’s an inspiring presentation from the stage… or an in-depth conversation with one of the A-level writers you’ll meet… Bootcamp & Job Fair has a long history of providing “a-ha moments” that propel writing careers forward.

Just some of the in-demand writing opportunities you’ll learn about at 2021 Bootcamp & Job Fair:

*Source for all fees: AWAI’s 2020 State of The Industry Report & Copywriting Pricing Guide

Writers Bootcamp!

It’s fun to watch first-time Bootcamp attendees arrive wide-eyed, excited, but slightly skeptical… only to leave bleary-eyed and exhausted — even more excited about just how BIG and REAL the opportunity is!

Every year, attendees rave about how Bootcamp blew away their expectations.

And after 22 years, we’ve lost count of how many Bootcamp & Job Fair attendees have headed home professional writers — with new clients and paid assignments under their belts!

Hear what just a few past Bootcamp attendees have to say:

Job Fair "Magic"

Your First Client, Your First Paid Assignment!

What happens when you bring ambitious, eager-to-learn, excited-to-get-started writers together with an entire ballroom full of companies and marketers desperate for new writers?

New writing careers are born!

And that’s what “Job Fair” at Bootcamp is all about — introducing you to marketers desperate to find their new up-and-coming superstar writer.

You can talk to representatives and marketers from dozens of direct response companies face to face… find out what their company is all about… the kind of writers they’re looking for… even take home a spec assignment so you can “wow” them with your writing talents.

And don’t worry about being “perfect.” All these marketers know you’re new to the game. They’re just looking for that “spark” that shows you understand the basics of sound writing and you’re eager to learn more.

Hundreds of writing careers have been launched at Job Fair – and you can be next!

Where Writing Careers Flourish!

As humans, we thrive on personal connections. Yet as work-at-home-freelance writers, it’s easy to feel alone and insolated much of the time.

Bootcamp & Job Fair is your once-a-year cure. The connections you make at Bootcamp can help you in so many ways. And it’s not just the heavy hitters you’ll meet at Job Fair.

You’ll be amazed at how one little insight picked up here… a better understanding of a misunderstood niche gained there – can take your writing career on whole new path.

And let’s not forget the life-long friends you’ll make – fellow professionals you can reach out to anytime you need guidance and direction throughout the year.

No wonder so many copywriting careers are launched at Bootcamp!

Steve Coombs

“When I went to Bootcamp, it was like a rocket. I literally took off in this business and I have not slowed down at all.”

Steve’s big break as a newly minted copywriter came after he attended his first AWAI Bootcamp. There, he wrote a spec sales letter for The Healthy Back Institute. Even though the company had already hired a writer, Steve persisted. A few weeks later, they hired him for a new assignment.

That led to more writing jobs and today Steve is a leading copywriter in the survival and preparedness market.

The biggest piece in my copywriting career was making the connection with other working copywriters at Bootcamp,” he said. “That was a major help to me. I can’t even express how major that was to have a personal support network.”

Nicole Piper

“The career connections were really the turning point for me.”

While preparing for Bootcamp, Nicole took a chance and entered a Copy Challenge offered by Natural Health Sherpa. The online health site saw a “spark” in her writing and selected her copy, earning Nicole her first paying project.

Shortly after, she went from zero to “full workload” in six months, writing for a natural cosmetics company, a Catholic training program, a sunglasses maker, a biochemical testing lab and a chiropractor.

“A whole new world has opened up for me,” says Nicole said of her first Bootcamp experience. “The career connections were really the turning point for me.”

Chris Allsop

“I love Bootcamp. Every year, I gain new viewpoints and copywriting techniques.”

Chris got her big break when she met legendary copywriter Clayton Makepeace at an AWAI Bootcamp, submitted a spec writing assignment, and won a chance to write for Weiss Publishing, where Clayton was a copy chief.

That experienced launched her writing career. Today she’s a full-time freelance copywriter working with international investment research firms.

“I love Bootcamp,” says Chris. “Every year, I gain new viewpoints and copywriting techniques. Through the years, I’ve found new clients and made lifelong friends. It has become the place to see both friends and key people from the copywriting industry.”

Kieth Trimels

“There’s no substitute for face-to-face conversations.”

As an engineer, Keith Trimels always knew he had a knack for making complicated things sound simpler. But little did he know that talent could morph into a successful six-figure writing career in the lucrative business-to-business market…

Until he came to an AWAI Bootcamp and started talking with writers like Bob Bly, Paul Lawrence, Clayton Makepeace, Parris Lampropoulus and others.

Today, Keith still dabbles in engineering and other pet projects. But he now brings in six figures annually from copywriting alone – much of it earned writing from “the sailboat of his dreams” off the coast of Mexico.

“There’s no substitute for face-to-face conversations. You get to see the other 85 percent of communication that occurs beyond words and tone.”

Christina Gillick

“Bootcamp helped me realize how big – and real – this opportunity is

Christina first used the copywriting skills she was learning through AWAI to build her own web-based side-business – and loved it so much she wanted to do nothing but write for a living.

Through AWAI, she met Rebecca Matter, which opened the door for Christina to write articles for AWAI’s Wealthy Web Writer web site. She attended AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair – and it wasn’t long until Christina became one of AWAI’s “go to” copywriters.  

“I was earning money writing (before my first bootcamp), but was afraid to make the leap to freelancing,” Christina said. “Bootcamp helped me realize how big – and real – this opportunity is and that’s when my business really took off!”

Jon Stoltzfus

How does a rocket scientist become a copywriter?

“80-hour weeks… the threat of layoffs… it was very taxing,” says Jon Stoltzfus. “So I asked myself, what can I do from home on the side to make money and learn a new career?”

Answer: copywriting! But it didn’t all start to come together for Jon until his first Bootcamp, where he made a point to introduce himself to a ton of industry experts and won a spec assignment with financial publisher Eagle Publishing – perfect for Jon since he’d long been a fan of financial newsletters.

Fast forward today – Jon’s working his dream job with Publisher Aaron DeHoog at Agora’s Banyan Hill publishing… earning as much as $500,000 a year as a financial copywriter.

“Bootcamp was a defining moment for me,” Jon says. “I won a spec [Copy Challenge] and that client sent me to another AWAI event where I met my second client. “Everything just cascaded from there. Quite literally the first spec assignment I did has directly led to every contract since.”

Your Discounted Registration

Includes Everything

If you haven’t guessed by now — Bootcamp is far more than presentations from the industry’s top experts.

Here’s everything your FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp & Job Fair 2021 Event Pass entitles you to:

  • Over 20 main stage expert presentations, workshops, special “niche” sessions and keynote presentations (with more to be announced) running from 7 a.m. in the morning until well into the evening hours…
  • Free admittance to our industry-famous Job Fair, where companies, direct marketers and publishers large and small fly in from all over the country for the sole purpose of meeting you…
  • Welcome & Overview session for First-Time Attendees – where you meet the AWAI team and learn how to get the most out of your 2021 Bootcamp experience…
  • Book signings and “meet and greet” parties with many of our industry experts…
  • Early access to a long list of Spec Assignments from companies and marketers from various niches looking for new writers..
  • AWAI Spec Challenges you can write at submit prior to Bootcamp for a chance to win jobs, cash and be honored at our Awards Event…
  • Daily “Morning Meditations” on the beach, with Annette Annechild (Rebecca and Katie’s personal meditation “coach”)
  • Lobby Chats – informal conversations, Q&A’s with master copywriters and presenters throughout the event…
  • Access to the AWAI Writer’s Lounge, where AWAI’s amazing Member Success team answer all your questions, introduce you to experts you’d like to meet and more…
  • Informal network gatherings every evening at the Opal Main Bar…
  • Our annual 2021 Bootcamp Pool Party – drinks, dancing and fun with AWAI staff and your fellow attendees…
  • AWAI Awards Luncheon where you’ll enjoy “lunch on us” as we celebrate AWAI writing award winners (Want a chance to be honored? Simply enter one of many AWAI spec challenges you’ll learn about on your “Bootcamp Attendee Member’s Page” between now and Bootcamp!)
  • All this and much, much more to be announced in the weeks ahead!

Register Today!

BIG SAVINGS with Discounted Registration

The Opal Grand:
An Intimate Setting, on The Beach!

Less than a mile from AWAI’s offices, The Opal Grand (formerly the Delray Marriott) in Delray Beach, Florida has been the home of Bootcamp & Job Fair since Day One… when our very first event featured 15 attendees, a roll-down screen and an overhead projector.

These days Bootcamp packs the Opal’s main ballroom to the gills, selling out all 400 available seats every year, often months early.

Could we have more people by moving Bootcamp to a bigger venue that holds, say, 1,000 people or more? Absolutely…

But we won’t do it because it’s the intimacy of the Opal Grand that allows us to meet you… sit down and talk shop with you … buy you a drink at the bar… find out what your writing goals are and help you achieve them.

It’s easier to network with a smaller group… easier to make friends… easier to feel like you’re a part of something very special.

That’s why the Opal Grand is “home” to us and always will be.

*NOTE: Because it’s where it all happens, the Opal Grand is “hotel of choice” for most Bootcamp Attendees. If you haven’t locked up your spot at Bootcamp, be sure to do it now – before it fills up and the block of affordable rooms we’ve negotiated for attendees sells out.

And “What a Town for an October Get-Away!”

If you’re going to “get away” for an event like Bootcamp & Job Fair – we can’t think of a better town to visit… our hometown – Delray Beach.

With its famous all-public massive sandy beach and protective dunes… the fabulous dining and shopping on Atlantic Avenue… and the galleries and eateries you’ll discover in the famed “Pineapple Grove” Arts District just a short walk away…

There’s no place for a spring get-away like Delray Beach, where October days can be in the mid-70s and the ocean temperatures average 81 degrees.

And since Bootcamp ends on a Friday afternoon, why not do what a lot of attendees do: Stay the weekend… unwind… enjoy the weather and the sights!  


Palm Beach International Airport
(27 minutes from venue)

Fort Lauderdale
(45 minutes)

Miami International Airport
(71 minutes)

Host Hotel

The Opal Grand
10 N Ocean Blvd
Delray Beach, FL, 33483
(561) 274-3200

Secure Your Seat at 2021 Bootcamp Now!

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Scott Stratten

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Scott Stratten

 … the ultimate sales-and- marketing truth slayer — helps organizations see their business through a new lens with his unconventional “unmarketing” views and vanguard approach to building and maintaining real customer relationships.

As the president of Un-Marketing, he has transformed how corporations like PepsiCo, Century 21, Fidelity and Microsoft do business with radical insights on how to engage better with customers through social and viral marketing. Named a top 5 social media power influencer by Forbes.com, Scott elevates the conversation by putting the focus back on what matters most to current and potential buyers.
In 2018, Scott was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

Drawing from his experience as a marketing industry innovator and the author of four best-selling business books, he convinces audiences to look at the big picture, which is about creating loyal, repeat customers who become brand evangelists because they genuinely love the goods or services you provide. With humor, passion and candor, Scott blends real world strategies with memorable stories that will completely change the way you market and sell, for the better.

Terri Trespicio

Terri is an award-winning writer, speaker, and brand advisor, and works with individuals and organizations to help nail their messaging and engage clients, customers, and fans. Her “Stop Searching for Your Passion” TEDx talk has more than 5-million views to date. She was recently named by HubSpot as one of the “Top 15 female speakers who are killing it” and has been cited as one of the world’s leading creatives by Creative Boom magazine. Her work has been featured Oprah magazine, Marie Claire, Prevention, Business Insider, Forbes.com, and Inc.com. A writer and facilitator certified in the Gateless method for capturing creative genius, she leads workshops to help professionals take their stories and ideas from page to stage and beyond.

Terri presents at conferences across the country, she was rated the #1 speaker at Barron’s Top Independent Women Advisors Summit and How Design Live. Terri is also a stand-up comic and has performed at famous Manhattan venues including Caroline’s, Dangerfield’s, Gotham, and New York Comedy Club. She lives in Manhattan. Visit her at territrespicio.com.

Russ Henneberry

Russ is the founder of Modern Publisher, a community of information product business owners and expert digital marketers. He has executed digital marketing projects for brands like Salesforce.com, Crazy Egg, and Digital Marketer.

Russ has trained and certified thousands of professionals in SEO, social media marketing and content marketing through his coaching, courses, stage presentations and his book, Digital Marketing for Dummies.

He recently authored the American Writers & Artists course SEO Copywriting Mastery and Certification.

Russ lives in St. Louis, Missouri with this wonderful wife Sarah, his two amazing children, Thomas and Mary Grace, and an extremely enthusiastic dog name Buck.

Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien is known as the $100-million-dollar webinar man. His pitch webinars have set records in the information, coaching, affiliate, and software space. Not only do many claim him the best webinar presenter out there, he is also considered the best teacher of webinars. He draws upon his eclectic background for inspiration, from being a Hare Krishna monk and a rapper born in raised in the small town of Muscatine, Iowa.

People like Joe Polish describe him as “one of the top 5 living marketers on the planet.” Jason enjoys his role as Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Rapid Crush, Inc., a company who has pioneered many different digital-marketing methods that are considered standard today.

Due to his unrelenting passion for achievement, Jason has risen to the top of several industries including selling physical products on Amazon, as well as digital products, software, and coaching. By having so much success in many different areas of business, Jason is often called in by 7, 8 and even 9-figure companies to help them with their marketing.

When he’s not working, he’s enjoying life with his beautiful wife and three children in Southern California. His hobbies include chess, music composition, listening to epic fantasy novels, and hiking with Bryce, his German Shepherd.

Brian Kurtz

Brian has been a serial direct marketer for almost 40 years and never met a medium he didn’t like. He worked for Boardroom for 34 years. Under his marketing leadership, Boardroom’s revenues went from approximately $5 million (1981) to a high of over $150 million (2006).

Brian’s mission for the next 40 years as the Founder of “Titans Marketing” is to be the bridge between the truths of direct-response marketing and all that is considered state-of-the-art direct response marketing today. He has authored two books to date: The Advertising Solution, released in October of 2017, and Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing, released in 2019.

Brian writes and speaks regularly (recent content at www.briankurtz.me and www.briankurtz.me/blog). But truth be told, Brian is really just a Little League baseball umpire and does this direct marketing stuff on the side. His ultimate goal is to umpire in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Ilise Benun

Ilise Benun is the founder of Marketing-Mentor.com, the go-to online resource for creative professionals who want better projects with bigger budgets, through which she offers business coaching to small groups and 1:1. She is also a national speaker and author of seven books, including “The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money,” and three online courses via CreativeLive — all tailored to the needs of copywriters and other creative professionals.

Since 2008, Ilise has hosted the Marketing Mentor Podcast, and her newest project is her role as “Business Coach” for the Savannah College of Art & Design. Follow her @ilisebenun and get her Quick Tips at www.marketing-mentortips.com

Bob Bly

Bob Bly is a freelance direct-response copywriter and internet-marketing consultant with nearly four decades of experience in multichannel marketing. He has written copy for over 100 clients including Network Solutions, ITT Fluid Technology, Medical Economics, Intuit, and Business & Legal Reports.

Bob writes marketing materials clients need to sell their products and services to businesses. He also consults with clients on marketing strategy, mail order selling, and lead generation programs. He has authored more than 95 books including Digital Marketing Handbook (Entrepreneur Press) and The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt & Co.). His articles have appeared in numerous publications such as DM News, Writer’s Digest, Amtrak Express, Cosmopolitan, Inside Direct Mail, and Bits & Pieces for Salespeople.

Bob has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars for the U.S. Army, Independent Laboratory Distributors Association, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Marketing Association, Social Media Marketing World, and other groups. He also taught business-to-business copywriting and technical writing at New York University.

Carline Anglade-Cole

Carline Anglade-Cole is STILL getting paid well for doing something she loves! After 12 years in the direct-mail industry, Carline launched Cole Marketing Solutions, Inc. As a solo copywriter, her goal was to make a decent income and have flexibility and time to raise four kids with her firefighter husband, Mickey.

Along the way, she managed to create multi-year controls for leading clients in the health industry, got a shot at launching Oprah’s “O Magazine” in the direct-mail arena, and was honored as AWAI’s 2015 Copywriter of Year  Plus, she volunteers many hours each month in church-related activities as part of a worldwide bible education program.

Recently Carline completed her first-ever virtual seminar to train over 130 copy cubs how to write copy her crazy way – in just 4 weeks! Before the seminar was even over – many of the copy cubs landed paying jobs! Her advice to new writers: Talk your copy before you write a word! Then write copy that connects and helps your prospect – and the money will follow!

Sandy Franks

Sandy brings over two decades of publishing, marketing, and copywriting experience to the table. She’s hired countless copywriters, including some of the best in the business (Mike Palmer, Chip Biggs, Arthur Johnson) and overseen numerous multimillion-dollar successful campaigns.

She’s worked alongside well-known authors such as Dr. Atkins, Matthew Lesko, Addison Wiggins, and Bill Bonner and has co-authored two books: Barbarians of Wealth and Barbarians of Oil.

Before retiring from Agora, Sandy was the publisher of one of its flagship divisions, Taipan Publishing Group. She serves now as Senior Copy Chief for AWAI and is also the founder of the Women’s Financial Alliance, a small publishing company she started with her husband and daughter. Her articles have been featured in USA Today, The Huffington Post, and StreetAuthority.

Nick Usborne

Nick is a master online copywriter and site-optimization expert with 40 years of experience in the marketing industry.

The first 20 years were devoted to writing for print and direct mail, and the second 20 years have been focused on writing for the web. As a copywriter, consultant, and trainer, Nick has worked with hundreds of companies, including Disney, AOL, The New York Times, Yahoo!, MSN, The Getty Trust, and Intuit. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book on writing for the web, Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy.

Nick has authored five very popular AWAI programs: Web Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts, Profitable Freelancing, Marketing Confidence: Learn to Love Marketing Your Business, and How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert AND How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

At home, he is a partner, father, grandfather, kayaker, skier, and voracious reader of both fiction and non-fiction.

John Forde

John is a copywriter, author, publisher, and popular speaker. Over the past 28 years, he’s helped his clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in the financial, health, and travel industries. He also publishes the wildly popular e-letter, The Copywriter’s Roundtable, read and praised by some of the industry’s biggest names.

John has won numerous honors, including the prestigious Ouzilly Award for Sterling Copy, the 2008 AWAI Copywriter of the Year award, and the 2009 “MVP” Award from Agora Financial Publishing.

John and his lovely wife and their two adorable children live between the US and Paris, where they spend many a weekend in cafés and parks, eating (too many) baguettes, sipping (too much) wine and abusing the French language (just enough to get by).

Roberta Rosenberg

Roberta is Director of Marketing for the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), a Washington-DC based trade association which advocates for the business interests of the engineering industry.

Prior to joining ACEC in 2012, Roberta served for 29 years as President/CEO of her own direct-marketing consultancy, MGP Direct, Inc., where she worked primarily with B2B clients in STEM, e-commerce, publishing, professional services, associations, and social service. She continues to consult selectively with clients as her schedule permits.

Roberta has worked with AWAI since the early 2000s as a copywriting coach, mentor, and instructor. She also has delivered digital marketing and copywriting workshops for MarketingProfs and the Online Marketing Institute. She recently became an adjunct associate professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) where she teaches undergraduate courses in e-commerce and marketing.

Steve Slaunwhite

Steve is an award-winning copywriter who loves to teach as much as he loves to write. He is passionate about sharing his secrets to building a thriving copywriting business with anyone who will listen!

He specializes in working with high-profile speakers, consultants, and experts — as well as with CEOs and marketers of B2B companies, helping them create sales pages, email campaigns, ads, white papers, and more that get spectacular results.

Steve is the Simon & Schuster author of The Everything Guide to Writing Copy and the proud recipient of AWAI’s 2016 Copywriter of The Year. He’s been helping companies write marketing copy that sells for more than 20 years and has won multiple awards for his copywriting and marketing work, including the prestigious ACE Award for Direct Mail Copywriting.

Brian Clark

Brian is a writer, traveler, and entrepreneur. He’s the founder of the pioneering content marketing website Copyblogger, the personal growth newsletter Further, and Unemployable — a resource that provides smart strategies for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

In January 2006 when Brian started a one-man website called Copyblogger, it which quickly evolved into an influential digital trade magazine for the content marketing industry. It never took venture capital and made it to eight figures in annual revenue and high profit margins without advertising. The company created software-as-a-service, web hosting, WordPress themes and plugins, courses, and conferences. The Guardian and Advertising Age have recognized Copyblogger as one of the most powerful and influential blogs in the world.

This level of success, plus Brian’s early adoption of online content to fuel startup companies, makes him a recognized pioneer of the now $44 billion content marketing industry.

Jen Stevens

Jennifer is a copywriter, editor, and author with a reputation for writing winning promos that mail for years and bring in millions of dollars. She’s the chief copywriter for International Living and that publication’s Executive Editor as well as the author of The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program.

Jen specializes in writing copy about travel, retirement, and investment. She truly embraces the flexibility built into “the writer’s life,” having gallivanted over the years through 27 countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia with a laptop in tow. In past incarnations, she lived in Paris and wrote market-research reports for the US Foreign Commercial Service. And she spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English on a spit of sand between Madagascar and Mozambique.

Today, she’s based in Colorado with her husband and three teenage boys and spends altogether too much time on deck at swim meets and not nearly enough gardening, camping, or skiing.

Casey Hibbard

Casey is a leading B2B and technology companies from around the nation and the world rely upon Casey Hibbard and her company — Compelling Cases Inc. — to prepare success stories and case studies that earn trust, land million-dollar sales deals, earn major PR in industry publications, and secure funding. Since 2001, Casey has written and managed more than 1,000 customer stories that have delivered powerful results for clients. Finding fresh, new ways to use the art and science of storytelling to help organizations earn mindshare and market share is her passion and commitment.

Given today’s ever-changing media landscape, Casey now advocates for leveraging the voices of valued customers to build trust, influence, and sales. The author of the first book on creating, managing and leveraging customer stories, Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset, and a champion for the cause of organizational storytelling, Casey has crafted compelling stories for dozens of companies, such as Avaya, IHS, EarthLink Business, LANDESK, Office Depot and Acxiom Corporation.

Ted Capshaw

Ted Capshaw is a student ‒ a student of life, people, and business. Prior to becoming an executive/life coach, Ted served as a Chief Learning Officer at several companies. He also was the Chief Operating Officer of a well-known non-profit organization in Baltimore.

Today, and for the last ten years, Ted spends the majority of his time coaching individuals and teams in such areas as communication, personal development, building trust, operating more effectively and efficiently while daring people to live a more balanced and meaningful life. Ted is known for his very real and hard-hitting insights that he delivers with an unwavering intent to assist and promote change. You can find some of his insights in his blog on life and leadership at www.tedstruth.com.

Ted lives in Westminster, MD with his wife Angel and two sons. He studied sociology in undergraduate school at the University of Minnesota and Human Development in Graduate School at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Marcella Alllison

Marcella Allison, https://marcellaallison.com, has over 25 years of experience working with successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters. She managed a multimillion-dollar art gallery and performed venture-capital due diligence for over $50 million in financing for biotech start-ups. As a copywriter and consultant, she currently works with some of the top direct-response copywriters and marketers in the country.

Her company, Copy Harvest, assists companies in maximizing their copywriting resources. Her clients include The Motley Fool, BottomLine, Inc., Advanced Bionutritionals, Money Map Press, Natural Health Sherpa, and others.

Marcella was awarded the 2018 Copywriter of the Year, by American Writers and Artists Inc. for her outstanding performance record and impact on the copywriting industry. She is also the founder of https://Titanides.com, an organization dedicated to promoting female entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters. Her book of collected women’s wisdom, Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before? was published in 2019.

Will Newman

Will has been writing direct-response copy for more than 20 years and is a popular trainer, mentor, and copy coach. After beginning his career as a researcher in biochemistry, Will decided he wanted a career that would provide more connections with people, so he became a teacher of severely-disabled children. After 25 years of teaching he set off on the path to career freedom through copywriting (www.newmancopycoach.com).

He began by writing in the alternative-health niche, but now he now specializes in writing copy for the fundraising niche and coaching for other copywriters. Will is a Master Instructor for COS; has developed course materials for the Headlines and Leads Intensive programs, Proof & Credibility, and Ultimate Finish Intensives; and also writes the weekly COS blog.

In his free time, Will volunteers at his local schools and is the secretary of his local Rotary club. Will and his wife, Linda, live in the mountains of rural northern California.

Joshua T. Boswell

Joshua is a husband, father, speaker, copywriter, and entrepreneur. He’s blissfully married to his “Dream Girl,” Margie, and together they have 11 rather amazing children.

Joshua’s copywriting clients have included companies such as Sony, Microsoft, GM, Verizon, Google, Toshiba, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Catholic Relief Fund, Agora Publishing, and AWAI. He is intensely focused on helping copywriters live the writer’s life. He shares exclusively with AWAI members his best secrets and insights on landing clients and working less, while making more as a copywriter.

Working from home and living life on his own terms, Joshua states, “Copywriting has allowed me to reach every major financial goal I’ve set. Every year my income goes up and my workload goes down. This allows me to live the writer’s life in amazing ways. It’s not hard when you have a step-by-step system. I love sharing that system with other writers.”

Lori Haller

Lori is an in-demand graphic designer whose studio has been creating award-winning, sales-generating direct mail, space advertising, online promotions, and design for more than 20 years.

Her clients include such prestigious names as Hyatt Hotels, Kay Jewelers, Forbes, The Motley Fool, and National Geographic.

She has helped create control-beating promotions for publishers and supplement marketers such as Boardroom, Soundview Publishing, StreetAuthority, Healthy Directions, Dr. Al Sears, Phillips Publishing, and Agora.

Lori is a member of AWAI’s Graphics Program Advisory Board, and the author of their Ultimate Guide to Building a Highly Profitable Graphic Design Business.

International design is one of her specialties, and in addition to the U.S. and Canada, she currently has clients in Bonn, Germany, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, London, England, Columbia and Ireland.

Pam Foster

Pam Foster is a Certified SEO Copywriter, blogger, and web content consultant. She joined the AWAI team full-time in November 2015 as its Director of Copywriting Training.

Wondering what niche you should write for? You’ll want to pay close attention to Pam. In 2009 she made a big splash in the pet industry by launching PetCopywriter.com and quickly becoming the “go-to” writer for many companies who sell pet- and veterinary-related products and services. In 2017, she sold PetCopywriter.com to a veterinarian who’s a copywriter. Now, Pam still provides limited copywriting services to that industry so she’s still in the game, working with clients, and showing you how it’s done.

Pam is also the founder of ContentClear Marketing (www.ContentClear.com), and she’s the author of several popular AWAI programs: How to Choose Your Writing Niche, Site Audits Made Simple, Working Effectively with Web Clients, and Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business. She’s an AWAI Circle of Success Instructor and a frequent speaker online and at live events.